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Race Ready Training Plans

If you have some experience with running and are ready for your first race or you want to improve your performance for your 30th race these plans are for you.  


Plans are focused on your goals and abilities: 


  • If you just want to train to finish I will create a plan for finishing.

  • If you want to improve your time at a certain distance I will create a plan that will improve your speed, stamina, and endurance within your current abilities.

  • I will create your plan for the specific race course you will be running to help you get to the start line as prepared as possible.


All plans include injury-prevention exercises to get you to the start line injury-free.


What is included in the program?


There are 2 levels of program support depending on your needs and budget.  All plans include:

  1. Initial questionnaire on race and distance you are running, along with information on your current level of fitness 

  2. Initial testing with you to determine your current running fitness or you can send me a current race time(s) to determine appropriate paces.  

  3. 12-24 week Race Ready program delivered via email including specific race pace workouts, planned water breaks, fueling, course elevation, etc.


Lite Plan: 

  • Initial questionnaire, full running program delivered at once

  • 2-3 email contacts during the program to make adjustments as needed


Full Plan: 

  • Initial questionnaire

  • Initial visit by Skype or in person if local

  • Suggested corrective exercises based on your test results

  • Run and strength/flexibility workouts sent all at one time but check in every week for any need for changes


  1. Lite Plan:  One-time fee of $50 

  2. Full Plan:  One-time fee of $125-175 depending on race distance and assistance needed/wanted; 


**If you prefer more one on one assistance or attention please contact me for possibilities and pricing.


Nutrition suggestions are available for these plans at additional cost.


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