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Return to Run After Injury 

 The program is for you if - 


  • You have just finished treatment for an injury or surgery

  • Your doctor has cleared you to return to regular activities

  • You love running and want to run again

  • You do not want to get injured 

  • You are not sure how to proceed safely


This plan is customized based on your injury and coordination with any other health professionals as needed. I can make suggestions for appropriate running strengthening and flexibility exercises based on your injury.


What is included in the program?


  1. Complete questionnaire on type of injury/surgery, therapy completed, current fitness levels and your goals as well as your lifestyle and daily schedule

  2. Initial set of tests to determine your current fitness level 

  3. Initial session by Skype for testing and check of proper form with basic exercises and discussion of program 

  4. Custom program creation taking into account your goals, lifestyle, and level of fitness, updated weekly

  5. Weekly check-in via email to assess progress and make changes as needed



This plan requires month to month for at least the first 2 months to allow for safe progression.


$150 for the first month; $65 for each additional month; check in every week


Disclaimer: This is for musculoskeletal injuries and orthopedic surgeries only. No treatment for your injury or surgical rehab is included. Any medical treatment you are receiving must be managed by the appropriate professionals.

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