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Bolder Boulder and Happy Memorial Day!

Well, we are back home from the race and ready to get to work on filling the post holes for the ramp for my dad's wheelchair with concrete. The end is in sight with this project finally. Turns out that carrying wood, cutting wood, squatting and drilling do not make your legs feel fresh for a race!

The morning started off a little out of sorts because I was up all night with a poopy tummy!! This is not how you want to start your morning for a race. We got out the door and part way there and realized Chris had never put his bib on his shirt so we had to go back home and get it. When we got there our wave had already gone so we jogged to the start then just took off after a brief interview that Fox 31 News did with Chris!! Hopefully we will see it on the news.

Here we are before we left the house this morning.

Just like last year, Chris carried the American and Marine Corps flags the whole way. The Denver Post photographer also ran with him for a while and snapped several pictures then they talked with him after the race so hopefully he will make the paper!!

I was determined to let this be a supported long run for me since I am just starting back to running. I started out nice and slow and felt ok except that poopy tummy!! It was looming. My legs were pretty dead from all the physical work on the ramp and in the garden this week plus my runs earlier in the week but I was still able to keep my easy pace. After the hill at the highest point in the race I had a real problem and its name was diarrhea, cha cha cha, only I wasn't singing cha, cha, cha.

It became clear that a stop would have to be made. Because I had no choice, I stopped. I knew my time was not going to be stellar anyway and I sure didn't want to run with that happening!! The rest of the race I tried to stick to my plan but sadly I had to stop again to ward off the enemy gurgling in my stomach!!

I finished in very likely my slowest time ever at this race. I have to say that I think this race is my nemesis. Every year something happens that keeps me from running a good time. I went 6 weeks without having a cycle (maybe I am finally going to be done with all of that!!) and then of course, right in time for the race, there it is and horrendous pain to go with it. And let's not forget the gastrointestinal issues!! It was not pleasant but it is a nice race. At least this year I did not go into it expecting to run a fast time but it still bugs you!!

Here we are after the race.

Well, I guess I better get back out there to work on the ramp some more but I just wanted to let you know to watch for Chris on the news and in the paper. I don't know if he will make the cut but you never know!!

Have a great Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served!

Happy Running!



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