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Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I don't know if you were still celebrating the 4th or not because it is hard to know which weekend to celebrate when it is on a Wednesday!! Anyway, we had a nice, but kind of boring 4th this year. We didn't do much. I did try to make some healthy, but patriotic desserts (see below) and I did watch the fireworks by my house. I had a great view from my car just at the entrance to my neighborhood. It was perfect!

We also had a great weekend. Of course, my idea of a great weekend is hot weather and lots of exercise!! Friday I got in a run and a bike ride. Saturday I ran 11 miles and it felt great! Sunday we biked then went immediately to the pool at the gym and swam laps outside. That is my kind of weekend!! Of course, I did have to do some work around the house but we won't mention that.

I went to the garden to try to get the weeds out and decided that my garden is probably a lost cause this year because of most of it getting ruined by the hail a few weeks back. My corn made it but it is pretty small so I am not sure it will grow enough to actually give me corn before it gets cold. I may be stuck with only the things from my patio containers, which won't be much. My garden pretty much looks like I am an expert at growing weeds!

I decided that I should just put in a pool where the garden is and only have container gardens from now on. Yeah, it most likely will never happen, but, like Clark Griswald, I can dream!!

I don't have anything in particular to post about today but wanted to say just a few more things.

1. I am going to Harry Potter World in November with my uncle's partner and I cannot wait!! I am so excited to ride the Hogwarts Express and eat at the Leaky Cauldron or Three Broomsticks. Yes, I am aware of what a nerd I am but I don't care, it is going to be awesome!

2. Due to my excitement about going to Harry Potter World I am reading all the books out loud to my dad (and sometimes my husband when he is right there). I figure I should refresh my memory! So far my dad is really liking them!

3. I know it is a nice feature for my Garmin to tell me if I am running better or worse than my baseline some days, but honestly it just pisses me off sometimes!! I already know I am running crap some days, I don't need my Garmin to remind me by telling me I am a negative 4 for that run!!! Ok, got that off my chest.

4. I ran with my hydration back pack on Saturday and it was great. I have run with some other ones, including Camelback but they always rubbed me or moved around too much. This one did neither. Anyway, I was so happy with it I thought I would share it with you. Of course I got it on Amazon. You can click on the picture to check it out.

Happy Running!



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