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10 Things Running

Before we start, here is a picture from my run the other day.

1. First up is from Podium Running and it is an article about some work outs for 5k training. They even give you a video demonstrating a runner performing one of the work outs. You can check it out here.

2. Next up is an article by Matt Fitzgerald about fading at the end of your long runs. He has a way of dealing it by having his runners make the last mile the fastest. He gives an example of one of his runners who was keeping too fast of a pace and by knowing she had to make the last mile the fastest she began to hold back some at the beginning thus giving her enough energy to finish the last mile fastest. The article has some great points in it. Check it out here.

3. Speaking of Matt Fitzgerald, I like his 80/20 calculator to help you figure out some paces. You can check it out here.

4. OMG, look what I saw on my run the other day. I thought it was a bird. As I approached and ran past I turned back to look because it seemed like an awfully big bird, and I noticed it was just a head!!! I looked for the body and couldn't find it anywhere. Did the animal that did this leave the head in order to send a message to other raccoons??

5. This one is an article from Men's Journal. It is 10 science-based tips to make you a better runner. Check it out here.

6. Here is an interesting article from Outside Magazine on how your personality might help predict you likelihood of injury.

7. In an article by Ian McMahan he talks about a study on training high and sleeping low in reference to carbohydrates. More studies need to be done but the concept is interesting. Check it out here.

8. Ok, I feel like a big wimp after reading this next one. This is about Gene Dykes a 70 year old who ran a marathon in 2:54:23. What??? Take a look at this story here and blow your mind.

9. I frequently hear the question, "how should I breathe during running?" There is definitely some debate out there but here is an article by legendary running coach, Jack Daniels that gives some details about breathing rhythm.

10. Finally, here are a few tips on how to look good in your race photos. I swear, I rarely have a good race photo. I know they say the camera adds 10 pounds but it seems like it adds about 50 pounds to me in most of my race pictures. Anyway, we can't do anything about the angle the photographers are at when they take our pictures but maybe we can have some better pictures on those less than important races. I think photos are the last thing on our minds if we are trying to get a PR.


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