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10 Things Running-December Edition

Well, nothing like waiting until the last minute to write my post!!! I could do a resolution post but how many of us really keep those anyway?? I do have some goals for next year but we will bring those up next year. Tomorrow!

So, this month's 10 Things Running is about 10 people I have had as running partners. These are not in any particular order but some I have done a lot more runs with than others so there might be more to say about them.

1. First up is really one of my original running partners, my friend Mike. I probably owe all of my early running success to Mike. We ran together before all the fancy tech watches, etc. We had to do things the old-fashioned way for mile markers, timing, etc.

He was there with me for almost every run. He helped me to train slowly while building my base (something I have a hard time doing without someone running beside me keeping me at a smart pace). He slowed down to my pace for our runs and for my first marathon. He did speed work with me when the time came and helped me to run my fastest mile ever, a 5:35 when I was 30 years old.

Mike also cycled and swam with me and did triathlons with me. I will never forget the one in Chattanooga, we had no idea what we were doing!! Anyway, you get the point, he was always there for me with running. Thank you Mike!! Here is a picture of the two of us running my first marathon in Nashville.

Here we are finishing the marathon!

2. Next up is my friend Gley. Gley and I worked together in Tennessee and she joined Mike and I with training for our marathon. Gley ran, biked and swam with us. The 3 of us were always training together. If Mike wasn't with me then Gley was or we were all together. Gley and I used to go on long bike rides together on the weekends. When she moved to Florida I missed my training buddy so much. The 3 of us kept each other in shape and Gley always made me smile!! Thank you Gley!! I still miss you!

3. Next up is of course, my hubby, Chris! I am not sure if I have run more with Mike and Gley or more with Chris. Chris has done so many training runs and races with me!! Chris made me realize that I could just run for fun and not care about my time and not be so serious every time. He made it ok for me to just show up to a race and run completely untrained and walk when I needed to just so we could do it together.

Running races together is one of the things I enjoy most about our relationship. Chris has also supported me for my races. When I ran New York he even went and got a tampon and held it out for me at mile 16 because I had a surprise emergency monthly visitor!! I know, TMI, but I am just saying, that is how supportive he is!!

He was at 3 different spots at that race to cheer me on and even got me a hot Starbucks after the race and brought it to me!! He is a true running buddy!! (Of course I still get mad at him for beating me all the time!! I still have San Diego though, he hasn't beat me there!!) Here are just a few pictures of us together for runs/races!

4. My newest running buddy, Kristie is next. I met Kristie at the hotel after the race in San Jose a year or so ago. As many of you may know we plan to do 50 races together in 1 year starting at the beginning of March. Kristie is a great runner. She is committed, loves it and is just as crazy as me when it comes to traveling to races. I am really looking forward to all of our races together!!

Here we are at the start line of Vegas.

5. Next is my friend Karen. Karen is an amazing runner! She is soooooo much faster than me but still slows down enough to do some runs with me from time to time. Karen is the epitome of a happy runner. Even though she is a serious runner she appears to just be having a great time and it always looks like it just comes easy to her. I have always had great respect for Karen as a runner. On a side note, I have always enjoyed that Karen is an upbeat and positive person also!!

6. This list would be incomplete without my friend Michelle. Michelle and I ran a race every month together about 2 years ago. We did so many training runs together I can't even count them!! Michelle is a strong and determined runner and an awesome hill climber!! I have a year of memories with Michelle!!

Here are a few photos of us at races!!

7. Next up is my friend Laura. Granted, I have not run many runs or races with Laura but I really enjoy running with her. I always feel bad because I know I am slowing her down but she is kind enough to stay with me!! The only time I could keep up was when she was pretty pregnant!! Laura is an amazing runner with an amazing runner body!! I hope in the future to be able to run more with her.

8. My friend Wendy is next. I have known Wendy for around 30 years. I always think of Wendy as my "exercise" friend. She is always willing to do just about any exercise with me from running to cycling to tennis.

Our ideal day used to be to spend the entire day exercising!! We might go for a run first thing, then play tennis then cycle later then go for another run. Any of my other friends would have stopped me after tennis, but not Wendy!! I have missed having my "exercise" friend since I moved away.

I am so thankful when we get together that we still run together!! There is one teensy, tiny thing that has happened a lot when Wendy and I travel together though, it turns cold or rainy!!

We both hate, and I mean hate the cold. For some reason for several years when we traveled together, even to places like Phoenix where you do not expect cold, it would suddenly turn cold and rainy!! We could not believe how many times this happened to us! We could have traveled to the equator and it would have suddenly snowed. We finally met up in San Diego several years ago to run the half and it was nice weather so I am hoping we broke that crazy spell someone put on us!

9. Next up is my long-time friend Ginger. Now, let's get something straight right away, Ginger is not considered a runner. So, how, you ask, did she get on my list of running buddies? Well, Ginger has run some and one day agreed to do the San Diego Half with me which totally blew my mind. That one race made me so happy and so proud of her that she definitely makes my list of running buddies!! She has always supported me in my running adventures also. I am sure that we did some run/walks together throughout the years!! I may not physically run with Ginger much, but I do run with her!!

This first picture is of me, Wendy and Ginger before we headed to the start at the San Diego race.

10. Last, but certainly not least is my brother and his family. I can't really keep up with many of them but I cherish any time that I can run with them! I loved running races in which we all participated and especially loved when I ran a half with my niece, Grace. They are great runners and I am biased but they are just plain awesome!!

I miss them every day that I am not with them!

Well, that wraps up 10 Things Running for this month. I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year's Eve and stay safe. It is bitter cold here. I am ready to kick off an awesome 2019!!! Year 50, here I come!

***I accidentally posted before I put a couple of honorable mentions in there! I wanted to put me and my friend I met at the New York Marathon, Dee in because even though I only knew her for one race, it was memorable!! Running friends, stay friends!!

Here we are at the race.

Also, I absolutely have to add my friend Eric. I have not run many runs with him but I have always enjoyed our runs together. He is faster than me (like everyone!) but he still stays with me on runs because he is nice like that. I have to share my all time favorite running picture of Eric. This is him at the Bolder Boulder, coming into the stadium for the finish and he is taking a selfie!!!! Hilarious!

Happy New Year's and Happy Running!



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