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Back Home to the Cold!

Holy cow it is cold here!! We were at the pool in Tempe, AZ 2 days ago and riding our bikes in shorts and got back to Colorado to snow and freezing (and I mean freezing, wear your Onesie freezing!) temps. This morning my phone said it was -4. It is the kind of cold that freezes your snot the second you walk outside. I guess if we stick to our previous quarterback temps it would be a negative Favre outside!!

So, Chris and I both got our bags searched in Phoenix going through security at the airport. He got both of his searched for the first time ever!! His back pack got searched because of a GU pack and his suitcase because of a big container of trail mix! We couldn't leave it there, that would be a waste! My bag got searched because of a "mysterious" white powder (again). It was my recovery drink mix which I forgot to use or it wouldn't have still been in my bag.

My "white powder." I had it stuffed into a water bottle.

When we got back to the Denver airport we had to wait on a shuttle to our car and we did not bring coats with us so we were frozen! All the shuttles were full and we had to wait 20 minutes for the 3rd one to finally have space!! I was not happy! I hate being cold! I guess technically it is my fault for not bringing a coat but I did not think I would be outside in the elements that long. I still wasn't warm even when I got home which is about 50 minutes taking the toll road!

I had to go into the garage to unlatch it so I could open it because our garage sometimes mysteriously opens itself. Anyway, it was dark in there and apparently my dogs do not want to go in the cold either and one of them took a massive poop in there. I, of course, did not see it and stepped right in it in my 2 inch boots and slipped and about killed myself!! I would really hate for that to be my demise! I run races, cycle, do triathlons and die slipping on pooh!! If my dogs weren't so adorable I would be mad at them, but I can also totally understand, I wouldn't want to go outside either!!

I will continue more this week. I want to share some posts from James Clear on Habit Changing. Stay tuned!



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