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Apple and Kale Salad

This is just a salad I made up to use my kale before it went bad. Keep in mind that I don’t measure things usually, so you may have to customize for your own taste!


About 6 cups Kale (any kind you want to use, I used Baby Kale from Costco)

2 medium Apples (any kind you like)

~1/2 cup Goat Cheese

1 cup Frozen corn kernels

3-4 leaves Fresh Basil (I grow my own and I love it!)

~1/4 cup Olive Oil

~1/4 cup Juice from Lemon

Sea Salt to taste


Place the kale, olive oil and lemon juice in the bowl and use your hands to massage the oil and juice into the kale.

Chop your apples into small cubes and then put them along with all the other ingredients in the bowl and mix up.



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