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Boston Today!!

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to remind everyone to check out the Boston Marathon today. My friend Barbara is running again and I am tracking her. She is doing amazing so far. They had some heavy rains earlier but I just checked the live race and it looks like for now it has stopped.

Remember that if you want to track a runner it is very easy from Boston Athletic Association's website. You can go to the site and click on Race Day then scroll down to where it says Results and you will see a tab for Tracking, or My Runners. You can then put in the name and they should show up. I love watching it because it shows a little runner with their name by it going along the course!!

If you are tracking someone, remember that the first portion of the race is a net downhill so it may look like they have really slowed down too much later in the race or they started way too fast (which of course, they could have). Boston is one of the few races in which it is ok to have a positive split for the second half and it doesn't mean that you hit the wall!!

If you remember, last year they had horrible conditions, freezing rain the whole route as well as high winds. I hope the rain stays away for the rest of the race this year!! If you have a chance check out the live race, it is pretty awesome to watch the elites run.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick shout out today to remind us to send good running vibes to all of our friends running Boston. I will be checking on Barbara over the next couple of hours and hoping that she qualifies for next year with the race today!!

Go Barbara!! Good running vibes coming your way!!

Happy Running!



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