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Race 48!

Hi everyone!

Well, Kristie and I have finished race 48. We are at DisneyWorld for the Princess Weekend for our last 3 races. We booked Disney in February thinking it would be fairly warm weather. Boy were we wrong! It was so cold for the 5k this morning. It was raining, super windy and very chilly! They said to be there at 4:30 am so we stood around just getting colder and colder for an hour.

The race was very crowded and obviously had a lot of people who just came to walk and dress up. It is not the race to choose if you want to run a good time. We were in the first corral and about 6 waves back and we were surrounded by almost all walkers. I have no problem whatsoever with those who want to walk the entire race but I do really think they should have separate "lanes" for those who only want to walk. Most people know to stay to the right if you are going to walk but I have noticed more and more that no one seems to care about this. It really is the most courteous thing to do. If you are all doing the race together, you really should not stretch your whole group across the entire width of the course either.

Kristie and I had no choice but to stop several times, there was just no way around people. I had on a pair of Nike pants that I have not run in (yes, I know, rookie mistake) and they kept falling down. I mean, really falling down, like I had a plumber's crack going on!! I had to stop twice (and yes, I went to the right and stepped off the course) and pull them up. Even with the drawstring tied tight they wouldn't stay up!! You do not expect this from Nike which is why I trusted I could run in them.

The race this morning was completely in the dark. The one in the morning will also be totally in the dark. We were back at our hotel before the sun even came up today. So, you can't even see much of anything. We only ran in Epcot today but you could barely see anything. It seems like if you pay all this money to get here and do these races you should at least be able to see the parks better. So, I am a bit unhappy with the 5k. We will see how the 10k goes.

We went to Animal Kingdom today and I have to say that for once in my life I am NOT impressed with Disney. I have been here so many times and loved it but this time I am not too happy with them. Not only did the bus not show up after 45 minutes to take us to the park and we had to call an Uber, but they have changed how they do the Fast Pass thing. Now all the tickets come with it and you apparently have to schedule when you want to use it. You can use it 3 times a day in the park.

Well, we couldn't get any because they were all scheduled. The lines are extremely ridiculous. They wouldn't be as bad if they didn't just let all the Fast Pass people keep getting on the ride and making everyone else wait. I mean, you already got to skip the line, how about not letting 200 people with the Fast Pass get on and only 10 people without it get on? It is insane. Ok, obviously everyone keeps paying the ridiculous prices to get in the parks so I guess there is no big incentive to change it. We gave up after being at the park about 5-6 hours and only being able to ride 2 rides.

We came back to the hotel to try to get warm. We are probably in for the night except for dinner. We want to go to the hot tub but the wind is so bad and it is so chilly that we can't bring ourselves to walk out there.

I am getting hungry so I will go for now. I will put a few pictures from the expo, this morning and at the hotel. Use the arrows to scroll through them. The picture with the 1 and 2 is from a bathroom in a restaurant!! Press the number for what you did! The sign with the alligator and snake warning is at our hotel. I will check in again tomorrow with everyone!

Happy Running!



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