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Two More Down and Let's Get Ready for the Challenge!!

Well, we have finished two more races, yay! We did the Savannah Half yesterday and then Kristie had to leave so she did a virtual 5k today and I did the Savannah Rock N Roll 5k. It didn't start until 12:30 which made this the first time I have run a race that started in the middle of the day.

It turned out that starting at 12:30 wasn't bad because it was only a 5k and because it let it warm up a little more. The mornings have been a little chilly here so it was perfect for me to run at that time when the sun was out and I didn't have to be cold.

The weather was a little chilly at the start of the half and it was cloudy the whole race (which I am not a fan of, but oh well) but the race itself was great. The course went through some beautiful areas of Savannah and was mostly flat. The spectators were great also. I felt like there were spectators most of the way for the half. I talked to some people who did the marathon later that day at the hot tub and they said that after they split from the half marathon runners there were almost no spectators and it got really lonely. That definitely makes it harder. Spectators are the best!! Snaps for fans and volunteers!!

Anyway, despite the slight chill in the air (it is November), it was still great compared to what the temps were at home. When I got up Wednesday my phone said it was 1 degree outside. Ouch!! Ok, back to the topic...this is a really nice race. I think I will consider doing this one again someday when my husband can come with me because Savannah is a really cool town. The 5k was also a really nice race. It was a bit more family oriented but it is always fun to see families running together.

I felt like I ran better at both races this time than I did in San Jose or Orange County. I definitely felt better at the 5k today than I did in Orange County. I didn't skip out on my carbs the night before the half and I could really tell the difference. I did some stretching, walking, massaging and hot tub yesterday to recover some so I wouldn't be so sore for today. I was still pretty tight and my quads felt pretty dead but after the 5k I actually felt better and had good energy. My flight leaves later tomorrow so I will probably hit the gym in the hotel to do some weights and then get outside for my 1 mile run!!

Before I go, just a reminder that I will be starting the Holiday Challenge tomorrow. Let me know if you are with me. So far I just know of me, Karen and my hubby who agreed in a barely awake state this morning!! Remember, Miss No Mondays for your workouts. You always want to start the week off right!!!

Here are a few pictures from Savannah. The tree-lined streets are gorgeous!

And here is one of our photo proofs from San Jose:

We thought this one was pretty good!!

Well, that's all folks! Be ready for your Mile Monday tomorrow!! I fly home tomorrow afternoon and then, let the Christmas decorating begin!!!

Happy Running!



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Kristi Campanella
Kristi Campanella
Nov 26, 2019

Thanks Pat! I was just thinking of you the other day. How are you?


Pat Cortez
Pat Cortez
Nov 26, 2019

I love reading about your adventures—motivating. Pat

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